An Oasis for Yoga Retreats, Workshops & Corporate Groups

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We live in a world where every second is consumed by demands and distractions; where people are more connected with a screen than their fellow man/woman. Our society has become disconnected from community and in many ways we have even become disconnected from ourselves.

Media sells us a limited vision of happiness and how we can attain it: by buying something, conforming to their standards of beauty and love, and teaching us that what we have will never be good enough.

At YGR we believe people are looking for something more: Happiness and peace that is cultivated through community and friendships, quiet meditations by a hidden lake, exploring ancient forests, and taking time to hear their own inner voice.

We aim to create and sustain a place where we can laugh, connect with others, connect with ourselves and temporarily disconnect from technology. YGR is a place where people can come rejuvenate and renew their inner person.


A conscious community connected, energized and empowered to engage life FULLY.



Create the conditions necessary to
feeling FULLY ALIVE!

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Connect to Nature.  Connect to Community.  Connect to Yourself.

209 Chemin Usher, La Peche, Quebec