What is Corporate Yoga?

What is Corporate Yoga?

Corporate Yoga is part of a growing trend in business that focuses on employees health and wellness. Many employers are experiencing reduced health insurance rates and more productivity in the workplace by equipping their employees with tools to reduce stress, tension and anxiety on and off the workplace.


Reduces Stress

We all experience stress. A little bit of stress can be a good thing. It can push us to overcome a difficult situation. But too much for too long can create negative health risks. Stress can be defined as a feeling of being overwhelmed and overloaded by an event or situation.

Yoga gives you the tools to process and manage stress in a more conducive manner.


Relieves Tension

By controling tension in your body you allow yourself to be more present and in tune with the task at hand. Your over all productivity increases and you feel more balanced in your body and mind. Tension causes all sorts of physical discomforts; headaches; neck and back issues.

What Will You Find at the Yoga Garden Retreat

Escape to 70 acres of beautiful forest, diverse gardens, and peaceful waters. Set on a secluded lake, we offer a private and peaceful space where you and your team can engage in variety of activities and explore the surroundings without any interruptions.

Just 45 minutes north of downtown Ottawa and 15 minutes from beautiful Wakefield, Quebec, you’ll feel like you’re ‘off the grid’. Rent the facility for your exclusive use and relax on the sandy beach, hike the nature trails or forge a path of your own. Enjoy a delicious plant based lunch with fresh locally sourced ingredients.

Can I Customize The Corporate Retreat?

It’s important to have a goal in mind when designing your Corporate Retreat. Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll work with you to customize your schedule to meet your team’s specific needs with a variety of programs/activities.

Please Contact us for more details or to receive more information on recommended Corporate Retreat programs and packages